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Learn why we're the new go-to in the curl community. 

"I love the OH CURL mask because it has been so gentle on my hair, and it lasts forever! I started using it when I suffered some hair loss and after changing my haircare regimen and adding in OH CURL, it grew back longer and thicker, and it is much easier to manage now."


המוצרים של OH CURL מעולים ממש!! השמפו נעים מאד והמסכה עושה את השיער הגלי שלי יפיפה וקל לסידור. הריח נפלא. התמכרתי

–גייל אציון

"I love the products because it keeps my hair frizz free and holds the curl without being crunchy. People are always complimenting me on the way I smell and asking me what perfume I'm wearing. And to that I reply, It's not perfume, it's my hair product!"



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"I absolutely love both the OH CURL shampoo and mask/conditioner! I've tried numerous products for my curls over the years and nothing beats OH CURL. The shampoo is unique in that it actually CLEANS my hair without drying or giving it that tangled, stripped feeling. The 3-in-1 cream conditioner is my favorite! Unlike many other cream conditioners, it moisturizes and hydrates without the shedding and is super lightweight and gentle while still softening and smoothing my curls. I love that I can use it as a conditioner and leave-in product! The amazing fig leaf scent is also a huge bonus!"


"OH CURL's 3 in 1 cream is a game changer! I get to condition and style all at once"​



I’ve loved OH CURL since I first tried it about a year and a half ago. 💖 It is my go to product and I always make sure to have an extra bottle on hand.

My hair has become softer, easier to style, and healthier since I switched to OH CURL. It’s gentle and smells AMAZING. I use the styling cream/conditioner whenever I get my hair wet (4x a week or so) and also to inbetween washes to smooth and style my hair. 

This cream makes it so much easier to work with my hair and I’ve noticed my hair is thicker and I have less breakage on my ends. The best product I’ve used in Israel 🙏🏻💖

––ּBecca Fox

I love, love, love OH CURL cream!!! My hair is fine, long, and really, really curly! When I 'wash' my hair, I am preparing for battle because my gets really really knotty. I have a gazillion hair products and conditioners. But since I began using OH CURL cream, it is my 'go to' conditioner to smooth out my knots. It's seriously as close to a hair miracle as there is! And what's even better is that it doubles as an awesome leave in! It's an all in one curly hair miracle in a bottle - oh and did I mention that it smells amaaaaaazing????

--Maia Hoffman

I love oh curl so much. As soon as I discovered it, I stopped having to have friends bring me product from the USA! And OH CURL is the only product I use for conditioning and styling. I used to use 2-3 different potions so this is much easier and more efficient. And it makes your hair smell delicious!

--Diana Perkins

I absolutely love Breanna's OH CURL products! Her hair cream completely transforms my frizz to curls, while leaving the hair soft to the touch and not greasy or crunchy. It is very versatile in the ways it can be applied and smells amazing too!

-Karen Lieberman