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I recently had the pleasure of being a part of Breanna Stein's 'Oh Curl' photoshoot. Along with being asked to write about it, she was kind of enough to add me into the photoshoot itself. So what was the day like? Well, immediately entering the venue it was an inviting space that complemented the Israeli winter theme they were going for. Xoli, the owner of XOHO cafe in Tel Aviv, was kind enough to let us do the shoot and even provided many of the props.

Upon arrival, I was warmly invited to join in on the fun of the photo-taking. I thoroughly enjoyed her vision for a warm and cozy winter theme for this shoot. Everyone was dressed in comfy sweaters with a cup of coffee and warm muffin in hand. Additionally, everyone was having a great time with laughs and smiles.

I asked each of the people at the shoot a little bit about Breanna because anyone can see how quickly she has grown to be one of the top curly hair specialists in the country with such a loyal clientele. So what's the consensus about our curly hair queen? Everyone was unanimous about it. Breanna is a warm and inclusive vision builder. Her ability to include everyone and help them find their unique position with her is simply amazing. I had the pleasure of talking to one of her close friends and the photographer for all her photoshoots.

Brianna Pecsok is an American Olah who moved to Israel 4 years ago. She met Breanna Stein when she decided to get a professional curly cut. Along with sharing the same name, both of them share a love and a vision for the curly hair community. "I've had the pleasure of being a part of Breanna Stein's photoshoots, and promotion for her growing line 'Oh Curl'. What I love about Breanna is her love of the culture and the promotion of natural love for curly hair. Her symbolism and representation to spread the care and love of natural hair is something to admire." The photographer also noted that she loves her and Breanna's ability to communicate what each other sees. Breanna has the inspiration and Brianna can make the vision happen in her photography. "I love that Breanna doesn't hire models to do these shoots, instead she uses her friends to create a warm and natural environment where they can just be themselves and have fun. Overall, we have a great synergy", says Pecsok.

So how did Breanna start her professional hair salon? Well before she had a hair salon in the heart of Tel Aviv, she was cutting hair in her dorm room. When Breanna first came to Israel as an Olah she stayed in shared dorms provided by the country that helps new immigrants get on their feet while teaching them the language in ulpan, and helping them settle in Israeli culture. Samantha Lombardo, one of Breanna's first friends in the country, was one of Breanna's first clients. They were both new olim and Breanna displayed her interest to Samantha in starting her own hair company. "I met Breanna three years ago when we were both new olim. I was behind the scenes for everything. It's been amazing to see how much she's grown in such a short span. I knew her when she was cutting hair in her dorm and now she's professionally cutting hair in a beautiful studio; and has a hair product line that people are falling in love with."

Samantha Lombardo, friend of Breanna Stein, and photographer Brianna P.

Along with including old friends in the photoshoot, Breanna also included some new friends. David Rayner, also an American oleh, stumbled across Breanna's product line and soon went inquiring where he could get more after falling in love with it. He posted an inquiry on Facebook and soon Breanna ended up calling him personally. In no time she invited him to be a part of the shoot. David told me, "After she saw my Facebook post, she ended up personally calling me and we got to talking. Pretty soon she was asking me if I wanted to model for this shoot, and here we are! She took me to her salon and did my hair while giving me some great tips for the future."

It continues to show how inclusive and inviting Breanna is. Her kindness and vision are an amazing example that is being set for not only the curly hair community but even olim who are trying to find inclusiveness in a new country.

David R. and Breanna S. before the 'ohcurl' photoshoot

It's easy to see Breanna's involvement with old and new friends is something she will continue to do. I loved seeing her jump into some of the frames so effortlessly and take beautiful shots with her friends one moment, and the next she was fluffing our hair and making sure everything was in its place. Special moments and memories were made.

David (L), Samantha, and Breanna S. (R)

Breanna not only included her friends, but she also included her employees. Elise Weinstein, Breanna's assistant, was also a part of the shoot while helping run things from the side as well. When I asked Elise to tell me a little bit about how it was working for Breanna, she had nothing but praise for the stylist. "I was on Facebook looking for social media manager and assistant jobs when I stumbled across Breanna's post that was looking for an assistant. Almost immediately after we met she hired me." I asked Elise how she felt Breanna was with her vision and if she thought the route she was taking the company was one she liked. "Oh, yes! Breanna has an amazing vision and a great belief for the company and her product line. She's one of the most empowering people I've ever met and a great friend and boss", said Miss Weinstein.

So, it's easy to answer the question 'Why does everyone love Breanna Stein'? Without a doubt, she is one of the most empowering, vision-driven, and inclusive people I have personally met. I also was hired by Breanna after she said she saw so much potential in me, and I could help provide my writing skills for her business. Breanna's vision for the company will continue to grow and inspire the curly hair community in Israel and the rest of the world. She truly has a gift when it comes to curly hair and how to help others with their curly hair needs. Her love of her work shines through her clients. Her attention to detail and the amount of effort she put into her brand 'Oh Curl' are truly inspiring. I am personally excited to see her next ideas come to life.

If you're in Tel Aviv take the time to go visit Breanna's salon. She will take the time to give your hair all the care it needs while giving you amazing advice. Don't forget to pick up some of her product 'Oh Curl', also available online at Currently, she sells a cleanser and a 3-1 cream that features: conditioner, hair mask, and curl cream. With natural ingredients like fig, rosemary, and tea tree oil your curly hair will love you. It's no secret that Israel's water is unkind to our hair and skin so the cleanser and cream do a great job balancing it out. Prepare for ultra hydration and moisture!

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