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Oh Curl is Curl heaven.

Whether your curls are tight, loose or somewhere in between, Oh Curl will leave your curls feeling healthy, gorgeous and fun.

Oh Curl Sandalwood Shampoo

Our shampoo is a natural blend of oils, plant extracts,  moisturizers and vitamins.  This cleanser helps strip the hair, making it easy for OhCurl cream to penetrate and revitalize every curl.


Oh Curl 3 in 1 Cream, Mask and Conditioner

More on the Mask...... yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda


Becca Fox, Tel Aviv

"I love the Oh Curl mask because it has been so gentle on my hair, and it lasts forever! I started using it when I suffered some hair loss and after changing my haircare regimen and adding in Oh Curl, it grew back longer and thicker, and it is much more easier to manage now."


Shoval Dorani, Tel Aviv

I absolutely love both the OhCurl shampoo and mask/conditioner! I’ve tried numerous products for my curls over the years and nothing beats OhCurl. The shampoo is unique in that it actually CLEANS my hair without drying or giving it that tangled, stripped feeling. The 3 ways 1 cream conditioner is my favorite! Unlike many other cream conditioners, it moisturizes and hydrates without the shedding and is super lightweight and gentle while still softening and smoothing my curls. I love that I can use it as a conditioner and leave-in! 


Leora Kay, Tel Aviv

I love the product because it keeps my hair frizz free and holds the curl without being crunchy. People are always complimenting me on the way I smell and asking me what perfume I'm wearing. And to that I reply, "It's not perfume, it's my hair product!"