Oh Curl is brought to you by stylist Breanna Stein

I developed Oh Curl for all the "curly girls and boys" out there -- people like me who want their curls to be healthy, gorgeous and fun.

When I was young I thought my curls were a problem. Until I was 10 years old, I was in and out of the salon getting my hair blown out. From ages 10-17 I used relaxers to try to get rid of my curls. When I was 17, I realized how much money my parents were spending on relaxers, and I decided to let it grow out. For two years I let my hair grow out and it was a miserable time. I had to wear it in braids or throw it in a bun to be presentable. When I finally got the last bits of straight hair off, I started using tons of different products to see what worked. Some were too crunchy and some were too heavy or too light and nothing worked. I eventually decided to go to beauty school so I could help others like me. I studied in Los Angeles and started working in Hollywood and focused on curly hair. I built a thriving business in Hollywood for 5 years. In those 5 years, I learned that no two curls are ever the same. 

I hope that Oh Curl...... 

Oh Curl




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